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April 19, 2007

Watch as John and Jacqui Receive Their Referral

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For an adoptive parent, receiving your referral is a life changing moment. This is the phone call where you find out the name, age, sex, and date of birth of your child, in effect transforming you from a parent-to-be to a parent. We were lucky enough to be with John and Jacqui when they received the phone call that would change their lives. Click on the video below to watch as John and Jacqui officially become parents to Min Xin Pei, a little girl from China.

4 Responses to “Watch as John and Jacqui Receive Their Referral”

  1. jacqueline says:


    I can’t seem to see the video. Do I have to do something on my end to view it?

  2. WebMaster says:

    The videos require that you have the Adobe Flash player installed on your web browser. This can be done for Windows, Macs, and Linux PCs. Most browsers have it installed by default.

    Here are the instructions YouTube provides for installing the latest version of Adobe Flash. If this doesn’t work, let me know what OS and browser you are using and we’ll get it working!

  3. jacqueline says:

    It’s working now. Thanks for looking into it.

  4. Kim says:

    Oh my goodness. Another video :) :) I had tears in my eyes just watching Jacqui cry with relief. xo

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