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April 27, 2009

Raising Katie: Newsweek Article on Black Parents Raising their White Daughter

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If you haven’t yet read this recent article, you’ll want to check it out: Raising Katie: What adopting a white girl taught a black family about race in the Obama era. Author Tony Dokoupil impressively uses an anomaly–black parents of a white child–to point out not only the complexities involved in transracial adoption, but also, more poignantly, the continuing problems of race relations and racial inequity in this country.

“Let me just put it out there,” says Mark, a 38-year-old private-school admissions director with an appealing blend of megaphone voice and fearless opinion, especially when it comes to his family. “I’ve never felt more self-consciously black than while holding our little white girl’s hand in public.”

This particular family’s experience shows us we have a long way to go before America truly becomes post-racial:

Decades after the racial integration of offices, buses and water fountains, persistent double standards mean that African-American parents are still largely viewed with unease as caretakers of any children other than their own–or those they are paid to look after.

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