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April 3, 2007

Letter from the Director

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Always, I’ve been fascinated with family. Like many adopted people, I’ve spent most of my life, defining and redefining what it means to me. But I think most people, adopted or not, spend volumes of time, emotion and energy trying to determine how much of our essence is shaped by the people who reared us. Much of what we learn about our families and ourselves comes from listening and watching other families. That’s what I hope this blog gives all of us – a place to learn by sharing and listening to each other.

With our film Adopted: The New American Family, we’re bringing you the stories of real people’s experiences with transracial adoption. With this Web site, we’re bringing you the most up-to-date resources on adoption–memoirs, guides, counseling services, support organizations and more.

In filming, we’ve had the opportunity to interview many of the foremost experts in the adoption industry. We’ll share these interviews in an easy-to-view video format on this blog, which we hope will prove as useful to you in understanding the complexities of adoption as they did to us.

We will also feature guest blog entries from these adoption experts, articles on current events pertaining to adoption, and personal adoption stories. But we also want to hear your stories and perspectives–whether you’re an adoptee, birth parent, part of an adoptive family, or considering adoption.

Please share your stories and the lessons they’ve taught you. And when you read others’ stories, consider them and learn again. As we share and read, I implore us all to remember that each of us who writes here is extending ourselves with one of our most valuable, but vulnerable assets – our family. All in all, we want to create a forum in which the issues of adoption, family, race, and love can be discussed in a productive manner, leading to a greater understanding of adoption. See what you can learn.

4 Responses to “Letter from the Director”

  1. José Luis says:

    Hi! ¡Hola!
    I’m the proud dad of two beautiful daughters that were born in China. In Spain we have one of top rates of international adoptions in the world but little experience in transracial adoptions. I hope this film and this site will help us to know more about the feelings of our girls in future and what to do to help them to deal with their heritage.
    Thanks and good luck with the film.

    Greeting from Spain

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve just found out about this movie and I’m excited to see it. I’ll keep checking in to see if there will be screenings in the LA area. Parenting is no easy job when everyone is related by blood. Having a transracial/transcultural family adds a whole different element and I’m interested to see how your movie presents this.

  3. Julie E says:

    When we first started out on our adoption journey, I had little knowledge about the transracial adoption issues that might face us. My first concerns were how would men view and treat our daughter as she grew up, knowing how Asian women are portrayed in films. I had no clue there would be more to worry about beyond the sexualization of Asian women in general, other than the normal parenting issues.

    However, In the last year or so, in reading some blogs about transracial adoption and studying what I can find, I am beginning to be more aware of the issues that are to come – and at a very early age – for our daughter (adopted from Hunan in 2004). It has already begun.

    I find anything that will help give me a greater understanding of the feelings of adoptees, especially international transracial adoptees, will be of great help in knowing what to say – and what NOT to say – to our daughter when she begins to ask questions.

    I look forward to the movie (if it isn’t going to be released to general viewing, I want to buy a DVD of it). Thanks for doing the movie and providing this site

  4. Julie Pinkham says:

    Dear Catherine

    your movie will be keenly awaited here in Australia. it sounds fascinating.
    And I think your practical and comprehensive website is amazing too. Can I please make a suggestion – re the recommended reading list? where possible, could you please add the publihser as this is often very helpful when trying to locate books.
    Many thanks and looking forward to seeing your film.

    Melbourne Australia

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