Adoption Stories from Adopted the Movie - A Feature Film by Barb Lee

If you’d like to host a screening of Adopted, followed by a discussion with the director, Barb Lee, and/or co-producer Nancy Kim Parsons, please send an email to

Please note the following guidelines for screenings and workshops with the filmmakers:

Technical Requirements

  • Projector with an aspect ratio of 16:9 capability
  • DVD player, HD Cam player, or DigiBeta Player
  • Audio speakers
  • Microphone for Q&A after screening
  • Preferably, all of the above pre-wired into a theater space

Honorarium and Expenses

  • $1500, per person, for all appearances
  • PLUS all travel expenses

This price also includes:

  • For organizations that don’t already own it, (1) one Institutional copy of the 2 DVD Set of “Adopted” and “Adopted: We Can Do Better” (A teaching guide for Adoptive Parents) – $299.99 to be played for the screening and to become a part of your organization’s permanent collection
  • An electronic copy of the “Adopted” Curriculum
  • A written agenda for the event, including the nature of the points you would like for us to make, if you would like us to speak beyond the Q&A for the film
  • A facilitator for your event who introduces the film and Point Made representatives, as well as, guides the discussion
"We included Barb Lee & Nancy Kim Parsons and their film Adopted as part of our annual spring training… Their interactions with adoptive parent audiences are all about supporting parents and children towards success and connection – based in honesty and truth. I consider them really important new voices in the adoption world." - Beth Hall, Director of Pact, An Adoption Alliance, co-author of Inside Transracial Adoption
“The Spring Training was unlike anything I had expected. Using the film as a focal point from which we learned and discussed was an innovative concept… The perspectives expressed by members of the audience and the filmmakers only enhanced our learning and understanding.” -Michelle Garcia, adoptive mom
“The Q & A with the filmmakers shed more light on the complexities of adoption so masterfully captured in the film.” -Lisa Pious, adoptive mom