Adoption Stories from Adopted the Movie - A Feature Film by Barb Lee

General Downloading Tips

  • Use a stable (wired, or a strong wireless connection) internet connection
  • Be sure to save the entire file to disk, before opening in iTunes
  • The files are very large and should be allowed to download 1 at a time for best results
  • If possible avoid using the same internet connection while you are downloading
  • Use the latest version of iTunes to watch the videos for best results – download free here
  • Mozilla Firefox offers the best download manager – download free here
  • Be sure to not exit the browser until the download completes

I didn’t see any download links after completing my purchase?

Your links have been emailed to your PayPal address – from Sometimes this email can get caught in your spam folder, or get delayed in transit. If after 30 minutes you have still not recieved the links and not found them in your spam folder – email us for assistance at, you will get a response within 12 hours, usually less.

How can I burn a DVD with the downloads?

It’s certainly possible to take the downloaded files and make a DVD for playback in your DVD player. However we are unable to provide support for this given the wide variety of software and computer platforms. If you wish to have the film on DVD, we suggest purchasing a copy of the DVD. Burning DVDs requires a powerful computer. One recent user’s laptop took 2 days to burn a 90 minute DVD.

I’m using Windows XP or Vista and cannot view the videos?

The videos require either Quicktime or iTunes for playback on PCs. Both are available free from Apple. Some users may be able to play the files by changing the extension from ‘.m4v’ to ‘.mp4′, but it is not a guaranteed solution.